Om Kari Bjørka Hodneland



”Hun ønsker at elevene skal møte utfordringer som krever kreativ tenkning, kritiske valg og selvstendig handling. De er tross alt morgendagens beslutningstagere”.

Fra tidsskriftet Arkitektnytt.





About Kari Bjørka Hodneland and Form&Arkitektur

Kari Bjørka Hodneland is an architect/planner and a Doctor Engineer (Dr. ing). For more than twenty years, she has run her own firm Form&Arkitektur as in Oslo, Norway. She has working experience from the planning division in the Norwegian Ministry of Environment, Platou Architects, Oslo Montessori School and the liberal think tank Civita.

Form&Architektur specializes in projects about the built environment, schoolchildren and participation. Read a brief summary of some projects here… As a tool for achieving aims, KBH has developed the model for Increased Awareness of the Built Environment, the MIABE. MIABE is a context-bound teaching and learning model (aiming at participation) and contains many different components designed to encourage a dialogue between schoolchildren and the different actors taking part in a project.

Throughout the years since 2009, the Municipal Undertaking for Educational Buildings and Property in Oslo (Undervisningsbygg Oslo KF) has been an important partner in several projects on schoolchildren, participation and the school premises – indoor as well as outdoor. The EU-related three year initiative REBUS, Trip to a better school environment, should be particularly mentioned. Read more about REBUS here.

Kari Bjørka Hodneland is the author of many articles on the above issues and her projects have been exhibited in many places, amongst which Oslo, Glasgow and the Athens should be mentioned.

For some years, Kari Bjørka Hodneland has been part of the pool of volunteers serving as jury members at the annual Young Entrepreneurs Exhibition (Oslo).

Form&Arkitektur offers

  • consultation for municipal agencies, schools, architects and real estate developers in projects where children and the young are important users
  • seminars and lectures for teachers and other users of the MIABE


Kari Bjørka Hodneland is a skilled project leader, coordinator and facilitator in interdisciplinary projects.